Bank Instruments Monetization Brief Info

Discounting/Monetizing Details:-

Qualifying Instruments:-

The instrument needs to be a Cash Backed/Collateral Backed Bank Instrument such as Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Bank Gurrantee (BG), Certificate of Deposit (CD), Treasuries, Medium Term Note(MTN), or Bond.
The Bank needs to be a World Top 25 Bank with a "A Bank-Rating" or better.
The instrument must be assignable and transferable and will need to be delivered to the lender via SWIFT, Clearstream,EuroClear or DTCC.

List of Bank Instruments For Encashment or Monetization or Discounting
  1. BG
  2. SKR
  3. SCR
  4. MTN
  5. BGTMB
  6. FDR
  7. CD
  9. T BILLS
  10. LC
  11. SBLC
  12. IBOE[must be with SKR from TOP 50Banks with FBR]
  13. CN
  14. Brazilian LTN's
  15. Petrobra and Electrobra Bonds* [must be with SKR from TOP 50Banks with FBR]
  16. Venezuelan LTN's
  17. Venezuelan Global Bonds [must be with SKR from TOP 50Banks with FBR]
  18. Spanish Blue's & Spanish Purple's
  19. Mexican Bonds [must be with SKR from TOP 50Banks with FBR]
  20. German Bonds [must be with SKR from TOP 50Banks with FBR]
  21. Chinese Bonds [must be with SKR from TOP 50Banks with FBR]
  22. Western European Bonds
  23. US Treasury Bonds
  24. US State Bonds
  25. Railroad Bonds
  26. Government-Backed Bonds


  • CIS
  • Board Resolution Copy
  • Initial Letter of Interest & Exclusive Request of Service
  • Letter of Cease & Desist Confirmation
  • Asset/Funds Ownership Declaration
  • Non Solicitation Letter
  • Authorization To Verify & Authenticate
  • Funds Attestation
  • Affidavit of Funds History
  • Letter of Exclusivity
  • Request For Information & Assistance
  • Letter Of Confirmation
  • Both Side of Passport Copy(Colour Copy)
  • Pan Card Copy
  • SWIFT MT 760/799/999/700/543/542 Confirmation Letter.
  • BCL Confirming Bank Instrument Issuing Terms
  • Bank Instrument  Colour Copy[both side]
  • BCL Confirming Authenticity Of The Bank Instrument
  • Geological Report[if asset backed]
  • Income Tax Paper
  • Valuation Report[if asset backed]
  • Legal Report[if asset backed]
  • Full Authorisation & NOC For Executing The Deal.

Discounted ratio is totally depended on the Bank Instrument Merit.Only Bank Instrument In EUROCLEAR/DTCC-CLEARSTREAM or with SWIFT MT 700/760/799/999/543/542/999 can be funded or discounted.

Minimum Face Value Of Any Bank Instrument Must Be Over USD 5Million or 25Crores Inr.

This form of financing can be used in combination with our cash backed stand by letter of credit (SBLC) or Bank Guarantee (BG) Program in order to monetize the newly created document to obtain the right funds for project financing.

Monetizing bank instruments is the process of liquidating such instruments by converting them into legal tender. We can monetize or lend on just about any bank instrument to be used for project funding, move them into various trading platforms quickly and easily, as well as creatively incorporating them into financing certain development projects. We can monetize CD's, SBLC's, DPLC's, BG's and MTN's. This can be accomplished in 5-8 business days.

Monetizing a SBLC or stand by letter of credit is becoming rather common and can be done in as little as 4 days. Many people refer to this as SBLC funding or SBLC financing since you are essentially obtaining cash on the basis of the SBLC or bank guarantee.

Instrument must be cash-backed, assignable, and transferable via DTC, Euroclear Clearstream,Bloomberg or Swift

This process allows you to:

•Monetize instruments for cash

•Monetize instruments for buy/sell platform entry

•Monetize instruments for both cash and buy/sell platform entry